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to order.

Others have had less than kind things to say about what they consider to be the malevolent atmosphere that permeates life in the House.

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of Hillsborough County District 15 are entitled to better.

"It's not only the leadership style, it's the truthfulness not being told the whole truth, partial truth or out and out being lied to."

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Call it a circus. Call it a zoo. Call it a theater of the absurd.

"Are you going to treat everybody fairly or not," Vaillancourt shouted at the speaker, who quickly summoned the sergeant of arms to restore the agitated legislator Rolex Datejust Mens Stainless Steel

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Vaillancourt didn't simply dishonor himself. He disgraced the House, shamed the Legislature and embarrassed the state. If it weren't so late in the legislative session, Valliancourt would be wise to step aside and let someone else take his place.

End of the line for Vaillancourt

"We've been Rolex Daytona New

watching what's happened in the past 18 months, and it's bringing the whole Republican Party down," said Rep. Lee Quandt, R Exeter, as part of our recent special series about the speaker, "Bill O'Brien: Rise to Power."

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Vaillancourt, who was on the way back to his seat, bolted back to the podium, turned to look up at O'Brien and bellowed, "Sieg Heil."

Just as troubling was Vaillancourt's post slur conduct. Offered the opportunity to apologize and return to the House floor, Vaillancourt blew it twice by offering quarter hearted and cynical mea culpas that left O'Brien no choice but to order the juvenile legislator back to the back room to reconsider. On his third less than sincere atonement, O'Brien made the wise decision to end the shenanigans and move on.

That leaves Vaillancourt with only one honorable course of action. He should not seek, nor should he accept, another term as a member of the House of Representatives.

But even taking into consideration the sometimes poisonous environment that certainly to some degree spawned Tuesday's disturbing altercation, Vaillancourt's behavior was inexcusable. Say what you will about O'Brien's leadership style, but to flagrantly compare him to Adolf Hitler was Rolex Watch Golden Price abhorrent.

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One of those loud confrontations even prompted the filing of legislation outlawing bullying in the Statehouse by Rep. Susan Emerson, R Rindge, who believed the speaker overstepped his bounds when attempting to get her to conform to his agenda.

"Representative Vaillancourt, another outburst like that and you are going to be removed from the hall," O'Brien admonished.

Those descriptions all seem to fall short of encapsulating what happened on the floor of the New Hampshire House of Representatives on Tuesday, when all semblance of decorum and civility evaporated in an appalling confrontation between Speaker William O'Brien and Manchester Republican Rep. Steve Vaillancourt that included an offensive reference to Nazi Germany.

It is well documented that O'Brien is not always the epitome of congeniality when it comes to running the House's affairs. There have been shouting matches in his past and there are likely to be more in his future, especially if he is re elected to the House and picked again by his Republican brethren to lead their cause.

His actions were not fitting for someone entrusted to make the laws of the state. The people of New Hampshire deserve better. The voters Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date 18k

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